What to Bring to Girls Basketball Camp

what to bring to girls basketball camp

What to Bring to Girls Basketball Camp

We have put together a visual guide for what to bring to Doug Bruno Girls Basketball Camp this summer. You can find more information about this and other topics on our FAQ’s page.

Please note: The following are only suggestions. Each athlete will know best what items she needs for an overnight experience. Should your athlete wish to bring snack foods, she may do so providing all food is appropriately wrapped and stored. Please note that rooms at North Central College do not have refrigerators.


• 1 set of sheets for twin beds

• Playing Cards

playing cards

• Pillow

• Skittles 🙂


• Light blanket (rooms are air conditioned)

basketball sheets

• 1-2 towels

• Wash cloth

dorm towels

• Teddy

teddy bear

• Shower Shoes

shower shoes

• Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner


• Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

• Toothbrush/Toothpaste & Floss

tooth brush and toothpastefloss

• Hair Brush


• Other personal hygiene items

• Each player should bring her own refillable water bottle for hydration throughout camp.

water bottles


Please mark your name in all clothing.

• 4-5 assorted gym shorts

girls basketball shorts

• 4 T-shirts (We will provide two “team” shirts which are worn most of the time – these are washed daily)

• Onesie Pajamas

onesie pajamas

• 1 pair of flip flops

• 10 pairs of sweat socks

• Don’t forget your Bruno Camp sweatshirt or get one at Camp ($30)

girls basketball camp sweatshirt

• 1 pair jeans and a casual top

• 1 swimming suit

• 1 pair of basketball shoes

girls basketball shoes

Though not mandatory, YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO WEAR HIGH TOP GYM SHOES AND HIGH SOCKS to prevent needless ankle sprains during the camp week.


Minimal spending money is needed

Pay telephones and vending machines, offering miscellaneous beverages and snacks, are located within each dormitory. Campers may also choose to participate in the optional pizza night in which case she would, individually or with friends, order a pizza.


What NOT to bring to Camp

No need to bring a basketball; you will get one at camp!

girls basketball camp basketball