Goal Setting – “BASKET” Technique

Goal Setting – “BASKET” Technique

Goal Setting – “Basket” Technique

Goal setting is a great technique in any realm of your life–academic, social, or basketball. While it can be a daunting topic, become one step closer to turning your dreams into a reality by following these guides .

Think of your goals as making that game-winning “BASKET”.

Make your goals:

B – Bold … Challenge yourself. Dare to take the leap!

A – Attainable … Make your goals doable and not too far-fetched.

S – Specific …Your goals should be defined clearly so you know what you are working toward.

K – Keepable … Make sure your goal is sustainable over time. While it may not be easy, you should be able to follow through.

E – Exciting … Work toward something that makes you happy! You will enjoy the process.

T – Trackable … Keep a benchmark of your progress to make sure you are staying on track.

While your goal setting is not limited to these tips, use the BASKET guide as a clever way to get started. Never stop aiming for the basket!