Block to Block Shooting Drill

Block to Block Shooting Drill

Drill Name: Block to Block Shooting Drill

Drill Goal: Develop your shooting form, get a lot of reps, and develop a soft touch.

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a partner

Drill Tips: Catch the ball in rhythm, Stay in your shot, and hold your follow-through. You can also have the player shooting the ball call the partner or coach’s name before the pass to practice good communication.

Drill Directions: Start on one of the blocks ready to step into your shot. The partner is going to pass the ball to you for the shot and then relocate to the other side of the basket (partner is trying to make sure that the ball doesn’t touch the ground). Shoot the ball off the backboard. Land and hold your follow through and if the ball goes in jog over to the opposite block and do the same thing. If you miss the shot reset and get ready to shot again at the same block. You only move to the other block if you make the shot. Make 8-12 total shots to complete the drill.

Disclaimer: When we say “blocks”, we mean a mark on the court. DO NOT stand on real blocks.