Being a Leader

Being a Leader

Often times we attribute the best player on the team to being the person who scores the most points, who has the most assists, or who plays the most during a game. However, being a leader is not something that shows up on the stat sheet when the game is all said and done. Being a leader means caring for your teammates, respecting your coaches, giving it your all, and leading by example.

There are plenty of small things you can do as a basketball player to make yourself into a true leader. Examples include:

  •     Encouraging teammates
  •     Helping an injured player
  •     Hosting a team dinner
  •     Helping a teammate with homework
  •     Bringing an extra pair of socks or a hair tie for someone
  •     Sharing your water bottle
  •     Thanking your coaches

Being a leader off the court is just as important as being a leader on it. Being a leader off the court means taking responsibility for your actions, striving to be the best person you can be, and respecting one another. Examples of being a leader off of the court include:

  •     Getting your homework done on time
  •     Doing your chores
  •     Caring for your friends and family
  •     Working hard at school
  •     Sacrificing play for school or work
  •     Thanking your parents
  •     Respecting your elders

A leader is someone who can fulfill these examples both on and off the court. A leader does not only do a couple of these things, but they achieve all of them and with great success. Becoming a leader takes time, but it is a path worth pursuing. Being a leader will earn you respect from your friends, teammates, coaches, parents, and other adults. By taking the steps to become a leader, you will ultimately be leading yourself on a journey to becoming a well-rounded person.